Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs of Preservice Teachers towards Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)| P 57-61

Muskan Gumber and Anita Rao
CHRIST, Bengaluru


The aim of this study was to find out the knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of preservice
teachers towards SEL. Dolzhenko’s (2017) “Survey of preservice teacher knowledge,
beliefs, and attitudes about social and emotional learning” was used to collect data from
104 preservice teachers (89 females and 15 males), enrolled in a B.Ed. program at a
private Catholic University in Southern India. Descriptive statistics indicated that the SEL
knowledge scores of preservice teachers was around the midpoint of the Likert scale
and those of attitudes and beliefs were a little above the scale’s midpoint. The findings
of the study suggest that the preservice teachers would like to promote SEL culture in
their schools and attend workshops that educate them on SEL strategies. They also
highlight the need for incorporating the topic of SEL in the teacher preparation curriculum.
Keywords: social-emotional learning, preservice teachers, knowledge, attitudes, beliefs

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