Achievement Motivation, Psychological Well-being and Academic Performance: A study of University Students in Mizoram| P 37-44

Mercy Chingnunhoih and Zoengpari
Mizoram University


Achievement motivation and psychological well-being is an important factor in the
learning process of the students. Environment, studying, and motivation are important
to students’ self-evaluations and socio-emotional functioning, especially among young
adult given their heightened self-consciousness about their abilities. The present study
strives to examine the achievement motivation, academic performance and well-being
of University students. The data was collected from 100 University students age ranging
from 18 to 26 years, using self-administered Deo-Mohan n-Ach Scale Questionnaire
and Goldberg’s GHQ-12. The socio-demographic data was analyzed using descriptive
statistics and the sample t-test and Pearson ‘r; correlation. Results shows that no
significant gender differences were found in n-Ach and academic achievement at both
α.01 and .05 respectively, while significant differences were found in well-being at α.05.
Also, there exist a significant relationship betweenAchievement motivation andAcademic
achievement (r = .234, n = 100, p<.05). This study has implications for development of
Education policies, Intervention strategies for administrators, educationists, teachers,
parents and above all the society itself.
Keywords: Achievement motivation, Well-being, University students, Academic
performance, Mizoram

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