Academic Achievement and Levels of Immediate and Delayed Recall among High School Students| P 52-56

Lalnunpuii and Zokaitluangi
Mizoram University, Aizawl


Cognitive psychology is the scientific study of mental processes including memory
which acts as a numerous biological devices. The present study examine the levels of
immediate and delayed recall memory among 400 High School Students, comprises of
equal representation of high and low academic achievers, it helps to find any significant
difference between high and low academic achievers using the PGI-Memory Scale
constructed by Pershad (1977) and Pershad and Wig (1977). Results highlighted that
significant difference between high academic achiever and low academic achievers on
immediate and delayed, higher immediate recall than delayed recall in both groups.
The findings suggested that the immediate and delayed recall memory may have an
impact on children’s education resulting in academic achievement.
Keywords: Memory, Immediate, Recall, Delay, Students, Cognitive, etc.

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