A Qualitative Study on School Health Education in Japan and India | P 20-36

Michiko Ishikawa & Sadananda Reddy & Panch. Ramalingam
Miyuki Matsumoto Tony Sam George Pondicherry University
Nagoya University, Japan Christ University, India India


Around the world, due to the pandemic schools continue to remain closed and the academic life of students is at stake despite online classes. This study is aimed to explore school health education in Japan and India. Thirty teachers and staff were recruited for the study from Indian and Japan. As a result, schools in India recognized the importance of school health education but most did not have an annual school health plan. Some schools had health promoters and some did not have. Also, some schools were promoting school health education by using internal and external experts. In Japan, there were annual school health education plans and multifaceted school health practices. However, the burden on school teachers was heavy.                                                                                                                                                                 Keywords: School health, India, Japan, School Health Promoters, Multifaceted practice

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