Social Dysfunction among the Hearing Impaired in Mizoram| P 61-66

Laltanpuia Chhangte and Zokaitluangi Zokaitlaungi
Mizoram University, Aizawal


The study aims to explore the Social dysfunction among the person with hearing
impairment and also to determine the independent effect of age and gender, and
their interaction effect. To meet the objectives of the study, the General Health
Questionnaire – 28 (GHQ-28; Goldberg, 1978) was administered to 400 samples with
equal representation of living with hearing impairments and normal hearing, male and
female, youth and adults, and formed the eights comparision groups for the study.
Results highlighted the means difference, the significant independent effect of age
and gender, an interaction effect of ‘age and gender’ on social wellbeing. The finding
provided the need of intervention for a person living with hearing impairments, and also
special attention on age and gender difference as there have different levels of Social
Dysfunction; this could be taken as a guide for making policy for their mental health.
Keywords: hearing impairment, social, dysfunction, age, gender, etc

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