A Study On Stress And Coping During Covid-19 Pandemic| P 53-60

Nida Fatima Khan Rakhee.Verma
Bhopal School of Social Sciences, Bhopal Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi


The Novel Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) has rapidly infecting people throughout the
whole world. Pandemic can lead to increased levels of stress as a common response to
any elevated situation. The present study attempts to investigate the stress and coping
during the COVID-19 pandemic on participants. An online survey was conducted using
a questionnaire through sampling technique. A total of 227 responses were received
in Madhya Pradesh State. Questionnaire was developed by using Google form. Adult
participants with access to the internet and knowledge of English participated in the
study.53.9% participants feel socially isolated. 68.4% reported worry about health and
change in sleeping, eating pattern and difficulty in concentrating which is indicative of
experiencing stress among participants. In this study 58.3% reported that they avoid
listening too much about COVID-19 and 36.4% able to manage with professional and
personal life together. Participants communicated in their own ways and felt better by
doing exercise, watching movies and television, serials, doing studies and household
work.78% of the participants engage themselves with hobbies etc and most of them
done something new that they have not done before like making new dishes, writing
motivational quotes were the main coping strategies during this period…
Keywords: Stress, Anxiety, Coping, COVID-19

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