Redefining Relationships during and after Covid-19 Pandemic| Special Feature

 Kiran Devendra
NCERT, New Delhi


When I look back. I vividly remember that family
relationships had begun to become fragile during
the past five decades. One of my very senior
colleagues in Punjabi University used to keep
his father’s elder brother in the servant quarter
of his huge house on the campus. Served him
food and tea in broken teacups, dented steel
plate, bowl, and glass, after getting the Uncle’s
property transferred to his name. There was yet
another younger colleague in National Council
of Educational Research and Training who
never visited her mother-in-law, never wrote
to her, and used to cry the whole day telling us
that her husband had sent ten thousand rupees
to his aged mother who stayed in a village.
There is a cousin of mine who did not go with
her husband to her mother in law’s cremation.
None of these had any remorse, I wonder if they
would ever realise and have sense of guilt for
neglecting their duty

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