COVID 19 Pandemic: Roles of Psychological Education to overcome with Stigma & Discrimination, Denial and Maintain Mental Health| P 57-61

Razi Faraz Khan
Gwalior Jiwaji University, MP


In the current COVID-19 situation we hear, watch, read, also feel and experience Stigma,
Discrimination, and Denial related to fear of infection transmission. Not only violations
of human rights in infected persons happen but also violations against health workers
happen. All these incidences are very painful and dangerous for the mental health of
our society. A survey was created to collect data by Google form from participants.
Interlinkages between stigma, discrimination, and denial. Stigma and discrimination tend
to be used interchangeably while stigma referred to a feeling of inferior raising a question
of acceptance of an infected person by others. Discrimination is the act of non-acceptance
and exclusion. Stigmatized group experience suffers discrimination while discrimination
underlines and reinforce stigma. Stigma and discrimination take different forms and
are manifested at different levels of societal community and individual and in different
contexts. Early result indicates that the stigma which causes, discrimination which leads
to violation of human rights, which Tigre Denial, Stress & Depression, and negatively
impact on mental health. Stigma can be reduced by correct information. Discrimination
and violation of human rights can be stopped by behavioral training and the provision
of punishment by the Government. Stress, Depression, and deprivation of the affected
person to be address by the support groups and call centers will be created by NGOs
or Government. To follow these simple steps, we can make our society fit and healthy..
Keywords: COVID 19, Stigma, Discrimination, Denial and Mental Health

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