Comparative Study of Job Satisfaction and Happiness of University Teachers Working In and Outside West Bengal| P 40-43

Payel Banerjee and Jhilli Tewary
Adamas University, Kolkata, West Bengal


Job Satisfaction and Happiness are the two aspects which can enhance the overall
experience of the student inside the classroom. The present study is done to evaluate
the difference in job satisfaction level and happiness level of teachers who are working
in Universities inside West Bengal and who are working in Universities outside West
Bengal. For this purpose, data was collected from 60 University teachers, 30 teachers
working in West Bengal and 30 teachers working outside West Bengal. Job Satisfaction
Scale (Munir and Khatoon,2015) was used to measure Job Satisfaction and Oxford
Happiness Questionnaire (Argyle and Hills, 1989) was used to measure happiness
among teachers. Independent Sample T test was used to check the level of significance.
The results showed significant difference in job satisfaction level and happiness between
the two groups. The study could be used to increase the satisfaction of teachers who
are working in West Bengal, which would automatically promote the happiness level of
the teachers and would enhance the performance of the teacher inside the classroom
Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Teachers, Happiness, University, Inside and Outside State

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